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Ten Reasons Employees Are Hurt At Work...Something To Think About  

1)  Self Reliance: An individual belief that ..."I Can Do It Myself and My Way".


2)  Habit: The work process has become routine: "I Have Always Done It This Way".

3)  Complacency: The work processes are familiar, there is a failure to recognize changes:

      "I Didn't Know ....."


4)  Short Cuts: A belief culminating from reasons One through Three, there is a faster easier          way based upon Risk vs. Consequences. Failure to assess hazards, behaviors and



5)  Lack of Training: At the time of Orientation, Job or Position Change, Structure or

      Process Changes.


6)  Management Directives: Direct or Assumed Contradiction of policies, procedures or

      instructions by organizational leadership.


7)  Lack of Communication: Failure to provide or understand essential information and



8)  Lack of Proper Equipment: Failure to provide, obtain, or utilize proper and essential

      equipment properly and routinely.


9)  Using Defective Equipment: Failure to maintain or replace equipment. Failure to Audit.


10)  Fatigue, Drugs, Alcohol


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